Warlock Tower Review for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

Warlock Tower Review for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

11/06/2019 0 By Josh shoup
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Warlocks Tower is a game that reached out to me in multiple ways. Part of it was the Gameboy like aesthetic. The original Gameboy being my first handheld, I hold a lot of nostalgia for it. Perhaps it’s the simple Platinum trophy as this is a game produced by Ratalaika. It could be either of those reasons really, but let me introduce the third and most likely reason why Midipixels game caught my eye. You play as a Mailman!! How and why is that significant you may ask? I am a games reviewer by night, but by day I am a proud mailman that loves my job. That is what made this game so enticing to me from the start.

It is quickly apparent that the minds at Midipixels are fans of classic gaming. The game took me right back to 1995 playing games like Pokemon Blue and Dr. Franken on my original Gameboy. Although the colour of the levels would change depending on what part of the tower you were in, it was never a ‘Full Color’ game. The music that accompanies your adventure is as much as a callback to that bygone era as the graphics with bippity boops of the chiptune soundtrack.

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The story behind the game could only be described as quirky. As Tim the Mailman, your goal is to scale the Warlocks tower to deliver a letter to him how the world is pretty rad and that we all love each other, so there’s no point in destroying the world. As you make your way through the tower, you come across a colourful cast of NPC’s that want to help you in your adventure, but they all have excuses as to why cannot help either. The only exception to this is when you meet Jess.

The best way I can think of to describe how the game plays is that it reminded me heavily of The Adventure of Lolo for the original NES. Each level you are in requires that you just get to the exit, simple right? OH, lets’ not forget that with each step you take, you lose 1 hit point, and if your hit points run out, you die. In each level, there are ways of making it farther than 3 steps in each level though as there are these gems you can pick up that will either reset your hit points to 3 or 5. This is not to mention the fact that once you get to the further levels, the game introduces enemies as well as traps and teleporters! Thankfully there is a way to put down a flag that acts as a quicksave so that if you die, you don’t have to restart from the beginning of a level.

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The problem I feel the game has though is that at the beginning of the game, it is a ton of fun to figure out the solutions and it was not overly complicated. By the time you reach the end of the game, between teleporters and enemies everywhere, the game becomes almost too complicated. I admit that there were even levels that I could not pass at all and had to seek out the answers on YouTube just so I could get past levels.




Mailman Tim goes through a  whole lot just to deliver the letter to the Warlock. I can appreciate that and although I may not deal with monsters and impending doom on a day to day basis (some may disagree with that!), We get a good glimpse of what a mailman will do to finish the job at hand!! Warlocks Tower is cute but very very challenging. I will admit that as soon as I was getting towards the end of the game, I started to have to rely on guides to show me the way. All in all, though, it’s not a bad experience.


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