Vampyr Review

Vampyr Review

13/06/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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I will be giving my review and impressions on DONTNOD’s latest game Vampyr.


Vampyr follows the story of esteemed medical professional Jonathan Reid, you start the game with him waking up in a mass grave, and he slowly realises that he is of the undead persuasion.
The game also shows the difficulties associated with Jonathan trying to maintain his professional career and adhere to his medical oath to help people and not to harm via feeding on them this makes for some exciting and hard choices as the player.

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Gameplay The combat system in the game has been credited to be similar to that of the Witcher 3’s using a lock on system.
That allows you to switch between enemies as you fight. Doing so will see you use an array of weapons from revolvers and shotguns for range combat and knives, sword, clubs, and scythes for melee range. Also, you will have to make use of your vampiric abilities in combat that will see you leaping vast distances in the blink of an eye and stopping your enemies blood in their veins rendering them useless for a few seconds. The dialogue in the game works well. Each character has their own backstory and interconnecting relationships with each other, and via talking to each you unlock more information and dialog options for others, this can also happen when finding letters, notes or newspaper clippings about NPC, doing all this isn’t strictly needed to play the game, but the more you know about each person, the more experience points you will receive if you choose to feed upon them, however doing so can affect the whole town.

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Graphics don’t Nod did a fantastic job on this game the characters all look unique and the gloomy atmosphere of the London streets seems spectacular, walking down the foggy streets and hearing skal groaning in the distance brings a real chill to the game.

Sound & musicThe music in the game was composed by Olivier Deriviere who won an award for their soundtrack for Remember Me in 2013 and has done another great job with the soundtrack for vampyr it brings another level of atmospheric appeal to the game. The voice acting is also great I have yet to come across a character that I didn’t believe was invested in the backstory, the only issue I have seen so far is the dialogue doesn’t always match up with the subtitles.

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Overall I enjoy the combat in this game more than others seemed to have. I think the storyline that I have experienced so far has been exciting and makes you take into consideration the choices you make with every character you meet a genuinely excellent RPG element. To me, this is a fantastic game from a smaller studio with only a few knocks on their belts, I really am looking forward to seeing what comes next from them.




Final Score



  • Combat
  • Story
  • Character Narrative


  • Subtitles not matching
  • Having to kill to get experience
  • Killing affects the whole district