V Rally 4 Review

V Rally 4 Review

04/10/2018 0 By Josh shoup
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It has been 16 years since we last saw a V Rally game. Many gamers felt the series was lost in the sands of time when its publisher, Infogrames, was purchased by Atari. V Rally 3 was on PS2 for those of us that can feel our lives slipping away fast than a Porsche driving at 175mph. So does the newest entry in the franchise put up a fight against many of the modern racing games? The answer is simply no.

V Rally 4 Review



V Rally 4 was developed by Kylotonn Games and produces by Bigben. It starts off like most racing games with a tutorial that is everything but informative. Sure, it tells you how to accelerate, brake and change the cameras, but when you are finished with it, the game decides you are now a rally racing god.

‘The first couple races will make you feel like you are doing ok, but then the difficulty spikes. Mind you, you can turn down the AI difficulty level before each and every race, but this does not save you from the atrocious tracks themselves.

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The track designs leave you little room for error. Tight turns will have you spinning around faster than the Tasmanian Devil as you watch your opponents drive past you.  I found that there were very few times where there would be a straight patch where I could make up for lost time, but then a tight corner would come up and I would be hitting barriers again.

You’ll start out with a single rally class racing car before working your way up. Winning races earns you cash which is needed for expanding your crew to, ultimately,  getting better vehicles. You climb up the ladder of success to winning championships.  This gets mundane though as there really is no fanfare to your success outside of knowing you have better vehicles and more money.

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To be fair,  the core of the game is a large career mode. There are  five types of  races to compete in:

Rally events– Fans of traditional Rally racing will enjoy this type the most. Cars are the most responsive. By far the most challenging.

V-Rally Cross and Buggy– In these races, you will be racing five other AI controlled racers. The tracks are a bit wider, but no matter what, you have 5 other people to worry about. You can change the difficulty of them, which in turn affects your winnings, but they still tend to be tough.

Hill climbs– In this mode, you will get to drive Supercars. These are you 0-200mph in under 5-second vehicles.

Extreme-Khana– This mode feels more like Arcade style racing than Simulator. Fans of jumps, drifting and doing doughnuts will appreciate this more than the other modes.

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Final Impressions:

Sadly, most companies are going to have a hard time competing against the Forza series when it comes to the Rally racing games. Unfortunately, Kylotonn set out to bring an old franchise back and did not succeed.  It Has potential in the game, but the horrible controls truly make the game almost unplayable. Hopefully, they learn from their mistakes on this one, or just let 16 more years pass so we forget about this entry.

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V-Rally 4


Final Score



  • Lots of cars to buy
  • Ability To Customize performance with all aspects of the car
  • Good Graphics


  • Horrible Controls
  • Bad Track Designs
  • Career Mode is repetitive with no sense of achievement