Two point hospital review

Two point hospital review

06/09/2018 0 By Daniel Bezer
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Theme Hospital, released back in 1997, was the last great game from British developer Bulldog Productions.

At the time, many thought we would never see another Theme Hospital iteration again.

This is Two Point Hospital, a spiritual successor to the fantastic Theme Hospital. I spent many, many hours playing Theme Hospital as a 7-year-old.

I would have friends come over, and we’d take turns on the keyboard and mouse.

Managing our hospital, very poorly. When they announced Two Point Hospital, I was anxious, to say the least, could it live up to my expectations?

In a generation where we’ve seen many remasters and remakes of classic games.

Some of them didn’t play how we remember.

I was worried Two Point Hospital would be the same.

Even though technically it’s a new game, it’s still developed around a game that is two decades old.


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When you first start your career as a hospital administrator in Two Point Hospital.

It’s straightforward to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, selections, and buttons present on the screen.

Two Point Hospital does a fantastic job of easing you in.

Informative tutorials presented in a comedic manner.

At no point during my initial playthrough did I feel like I didn’t know what to do.

This is something many turn-based or management games take for granted. I was happy to see Two Point Hospital wasn’t one of those games.

Aesthetically they’ve managed to not only recapture the same art style that made its spiritual predecessor so beloved. They have also given it a modern, cartoony look.

Something that pleases the eye and warms the heart.

If you’re an old-school fan like myself, you’ll immediately feel at home with its design. If you’re new to Two Point or Theme Hospital, it really will be love at first sight.

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I cannot speak highly enough of the soundtrack in Two Point Hospital. It’s calm and relaxing but also really fits with the design. When you’ve got a 3-year-old, dancing and humming along with the music, you know you’ve done something right.

Periodically, Two Point Radio cuts into the music, and while it doesn’t have anything informative to say.

I did find myself laughing out loud on many occasions to some of the silly, witty comments from the presenter.


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As a British person, the dialogue in Two Point Hospital had me laughing out loud more than any other game.

It’s positively British, hilarious, witty and at times, charming.

I needed some different opinions on this, as not all British humour translates well with other regions.

So I spoke with a few friends from the US, Australia and Poland and all of them said the same.

It is without a doubt the funniest game they’ve played so far this year.

Now we’ve spoken about nostalgia, dialogue and soundtrack, let’s talk about the most crucial aspect, the gameplay. The premise of Two Point Hospital is to build individual rooms dedicated to curing each illness you’ll come across in your hospital. The first thing you’ll do when you take over is creating a receptionist desk and hire an assistant. Each staff member available to hire will have specific traits that make them more proficient at particular tasks. For example, when recruiting for the receptionist position, you’ll want to find an assistant with the “Customer service” trait.

This will make them more approachable and friendly to any patient that walks into your hospital. You’ll also do this for Doctors, Nurses, and Janitors.


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More gameplay

It’s not essential that the staff member working in a room be proficient with that specific task, but it’ll save you many deaths in the long run.

At times I did find this a bit frustrating as at one point, I was tasked with building a psychiatrist because I had a patient waiting for diagnoses and needed to complete this task to fulfil a challenge (More on problems later). Creating the room is easy enough, but I couldn’t find a Doctor with the appropriate training, despite waiting four weeks in game. Sure, later in the game you can build a Staff Training room and train a Doctor you already employ to be proficient with Psychiatry, but this takes a significant amount of time, and at the time, all the Doctors I had were either already being used in another room or didn’t have an empty trait slot. It’s a small but highly annoying feature, however, luckily enough, I didn’t experience it many times during my time with Two Point Hospital.



The primary goal of Two Point Hospital is to achieve three stars in all hospitals and build up the reputation.

To do this, periodically you’ll receive challenges, these include things such as curing 20 patients, buy a new plot of land or earn £100,000.

Majority of these challenges are easily attainable over time, I found with some, I didn’t even need to concentrate on them as they would eventually complete themselves with just natural progression.

This always gave me something to aim for, as opposed to just building a hospital and earning X amount of money like some management sims.

One of the challenges I found most enjoyable, is when a radio presenter or someone of high importance pays a visit to your hospital. When this happens, you’ll have a set amount of time to get your hospital up to standard.

This might include things such as hiring another janitor to clean up any mess or placing decorations and plants to heighten the mood throughout the hospital.

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Complete this task, and you’ll be awarded Kudosh, a single currency used for unlocking the more advanced items within the marketplace, this includes things such as arcade machines, energy drink vendors and paintings.

Speaking of challenges, Two Point Hospital has introduced online problems, as a way of competing with friends. When starting a challenge, you can choose the goal. These are almost identical to the challenges the game automatically sets you to progress your hospital. I enjoyed this feature, and it made for a fun back and forth between friends. However, I would have liked to have been able to go online and challenge random players. Maybe this is something they will introduce in time, but I found just being able to challenge friends became stale and repetitive after a while.

Each hospital gets progressively harder, requiring more complex rooms, more staff trained with specific traits and a lot more micromanagement. After the third hospital, as I hired new staff members, I would pick where I wanted them to work. I didn’t want to hire someone with the Pharmacy Managment trait and have them wondering off on their own to work in the Ward. It fast became a lot more time to consume, however, once I had my rooms built, staff hired and set their roles, this settled down. It became more about managing situations as they arose as opposed to continually moving staff around to fill empty rooms with a queue of patients waiting.



Whether you’re a Theme Hospital veteran or a newcomer, you’ll find something to love in Two Point Hospital. Even after I completed the campaign.

I’m wanting to play more. It’s witty, hilarious and more importantly, fun. Two Point Studios have done a phenomenal job modernising a classic management sim without jeopardising any of its core values, and for that, I say thank you. You’ve allowed veterans like myself to relive my childhood, brought back many memories and I’ll be forever grateful. Whether you’re looking for something to sink some hours into or pick up and play during your lunch, you can’t go wrong with Two Point Hospital.



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Two Point Hospital


Final Score



  • Dialogue is hilarious
  • Art Style is fantastic
  • Easily manageable
  • Doesn’t overwhelm you with information
  • Accessible by both newcomers and veterans


  • Hiring staff with specific traits can become tiresome
  • Later hospitals are very time consuming