Super Street The Game Review

Super Street The Game Review

27/09/2018 0 By Stuart Shortland
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After being asked to review Super Street, I took a quick look on google for a game that had pretty much flown below my radar. Only to find what could potentially be the best street racing customisation found in a game. So was it all it was made up to be or did the team at Team 6 build a Lemon.


The game is pretty straight forward, there is no seeming career or storyline, all it is is race in a series of events, grow your cash and improve your car. Although this might be too simplistic for some people, it does give Super Street its charm. You are the racer. You get to decide whether you want a certain upgrade. You decide what to do next. All the power is left in your own hands.

Starting the game you are given the choice of a number of old clapped out cars, all suffering from rust and degredation. Once you have picked one you are let loose onto the events. Super Street gives you plenty of options to progress in events, and with a star system in place allowing you to unlock other races, they do get progressively harder. However, they are all meant to be raced in the same car, just upgrade. Once you pick a car, that’s it…its yours for life, or at least the duration of your game.

So what upgrades can you do to your cars? Well pretty much anything and everything. Even though the names of the cars are not their real names, although its quite obvious what they are from their look. The parts are all made from real life manufacturers, giving that little boy racer in my a smile of happiness. However don’t expect to be fully upgrading any time soon. Some of the parts are a massive grind to get the money for, so will only come when you get into the later races.

Each upgrade that you do has a direct effect on the way the car handles on track. Whether it be improving the grip by installing some new tyres, or improving the downforce with that new flashy front bumper. Everything seems to get taken into account, which shows the depth that the developers have gone into with this game. Its not all just purely cosmetic when it comes to Super Street.

When you do get on track the actual racing in Super Street isn’t actually too bad. I mean its not a sim racing by any stretch, but as long as you have a modicum of racing ability you will be absolutely fine! The car feels weighty, and feels like its actually on the track. Although there are a few niggles with the handling, these are swiftly ignored when you realise you aren’t playing Project Cars, or GT Sport.

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Super Street looks shiny, that’s probably the best thing that I can say about the game. The car models are fine, the envionrments that you race around are perfectly adequate, but you can tell the main focus has been placed on the customisation options. When in the garage and are scrolling through the options, you get a little transition where the new part rolls onto the screen. It’s all done quite delicately.

One majoy gripe with me and the graphics…is YOU…you don’t exist. In Super Street that is no character model driving these cars. It’s as if an apparition is taking control of the car around these tracks.


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Audio on a racing game is generally good enough that you can accept whatever is thrown at you. Super Street is no different. The cars sound like cars and the soundtrack is what you would expect from a street racing game.

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How long will you spend on Super Street? Well personally I think you will play through the races once and then not go back and touch it. However, that isn’t a bad thing as Super Street has a massive amount of customisation available. Perhaps just an open customisation where all the parts  are free and you are able to just build a dream car.

All in all Super Street is a decent arcade racer, its no frills racing and sometimes that’s what you want with your games. It gives you the options to dive into a game and to just enjoy what you are doing. The customisation however is where this game is at its best.



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