Sudden strike 4 review

Sudden strike 4 review

22/07/2018 0 By Adam Green
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This week I had the pleasure of reviewing the new World War 2 RTS ‘Sudden Strike 4.’ This is another one for the series and in my opinion the best one yet! It’s very refreshing for all the RTS fans on console because we haven’t had a good RTS style game since Halo Wars, so it’s been a couple of years. I know what you came here for so I won’t delay with the review any longer I hope you all enjoy and have a great day!


The game is showing from a bird’s eye view giving you a great perspective to make tactical decisions and watch the epic battles take place. The game makes the actions feel more personal in some ways, and you end up caring about each soldier. Firstly, the fights themselves at the start of the campaigns last about half an hour but at about the 4th mission in the games are lasting about 2 hours to complete well. This makes for a long and personal battle which grips you. Also compared to other instalments in the series, there are fewer troops on the battlefield which makes each unit more critical as you go through each battle with them. The personal feel doesn’t just stop at you fighting with everyone, but you see that the AI are useful. For example, when you send a unit to a tower to reinforce your guys near the bunker and its an ambush, and you see the white crosses which mean a man is injured you feel bad and panicked trying to save the rest of your squad and not leave anyone behind. The game excels at making each battle, each step, each decision very personal.


Talking of the units being shot at there is a good health system within the game. Vehicles can be repaired using supply trucks and the individual man within groups have their health. When you do engage, and men are injured. You have to think and react to save them because medical groups in this game are very precious. The acts as a second chance almost, but you have to be smart to take it. The reason why the health system has to be so good is that the game requires a lot of risks. Once you scout of a heavily defended position no matter how you approach it there is always a significant risk and men will die. But it’s about limiting the cost to live and vehicles in these great final pushes through smart play that encourages you to want to play better.


What I love about this game. Intelligent play and good tactics do pay off! There is a lot of tactical depth, and this is rewarded with both victories and stars. For example, parking a tank on the high ground gives it an advantage in a fight. Hiding a unit in the trees and attacking with them mid-firefight causes your enemy to fight on two fronts. The options in positioning and the control you are giving make for a diverse and rewarding experience. Also, you get stars at the end of a mission, and the game here rewards you for good tactics. If you rush every bunker with every unit and win, you’ll only receive one star because your tactics are pitiful. I don’t know how the games black magic decides if it was a good tactic, but I’ve noticed the games when I make a smart play I receive more stars. And Trust me you need them as they allow you to upgrade your units.

However, my biggest complaint about this game is the inconsistency with the AI. I said earlier it is a smart AI, but at times it can be so dumb as well. It’s made so much worse as the dull moments are highlighted by the times when the AI is acting correctly. One example was ordering my medics to a man who had fallen. He was in cover and away from the front line so a safe bet. Instead of following a direct route they run towards an enemy bunker (somehow survive) and then run across the front line which got them killed. This is quite annoying epically if you are an hour into a mission and it happens.

Another minor complaint is finding units. I played this on a console and for an RTS the controls are perfect and ordering troops is comfortable with a bit of practice. However, finding the forces especially when they are hiding in buildings, towers and bushes can be quite tricky. This led to me just forgetting about a unit where I could have really used them. There is a map, but it isn’t visible and doesn’t indicate where the groups are within close proximity. While it is partly my fault for not remembering where every unit is the game I feel the game should make finding units easier. I have spoken with friends who have played on PC, and this issue isn’t as bad, and the controls are a lot easier which is to be expected.



The graphics definitely impressed me, and the game does look good. Once you have ordered many of your units to attack a position just watching the action take place is enjoyable. The map and vehicles look great and visually Sudden Strike 4 is the best in the series. That’s the beauty of age and the advancement of new technology. Personally, I just love the snow it looks so good and stays on the vehicles which help camouflage. While it’s not the best disguise, it just seems great!

Music/ Sound:

Firstly, it’s a World War 2 game, so the music is all heroic and typically that standard military trumpet music. While it is good its also generic but it at least sets the tone and makes you feel like your playing a good old WW2 game.
Secondly, the sound is impressive! The noises are crisp, and there are a lot of different sounds. The tanks will make different noises depending on terrain. The guns sound really good, like COD world at war good. The sound of trees falling and wall collapsing all add to the experience and make the battles feel like mini-movies that you control.

While the game sound is good… the voice acting not so much. You know when you hear someone fake shout like they are talking but attempting to make it sound like they are screaming, there is a lot of that. From troops asking for help to the general giving you orders. I understand why it’s in the game I feel they defiantly could have done it better.
I must say though the diary entries, act a bit like loading screens but give you details about the war are for the most part exciting and they are voiced well.

Replay value:

The replay value for this game is impressive. The game offers 3 campaigns which I really like. Most WW2 games give you the allied campaign… play as the good guys killing the bad guys. In Sudden Strike, you can play through the Allies and Axis campaign and the Russian one as well. This gives you different perspectives of the war and takes you through many key battles. This allows for a lot of replayability and the campaigns are fun and exciting.
Furthermore, there is a skirmish mode as well which allows you to take part in shorter single battles which you can customise. There are only 4 maps available but with the mod support I see this number rising, and its replay value improved.


Overall/ Final thoughts

Sudden Strike 4 has definitely impressed me. It works in all the essential aspects, and the game most importantly makes me care while remaining fun, which to be honest is why we all play. The tactical depth allows for a personalised experience which is rewarded. The game looks and sounds fantastic so all the time orchestrating a good strategy can be observed and enjoyed thoroughly! Its refreshing to play a well-paced and well-made RTS again especially on console. It has won me over, and I would recommend it, anyone.


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Sudden strike 4


Final Score



  •  Looks great
  •  Sounds great
  •  Rewards good tactics
  • A lot of tactical depth
  • Multiple campaigns


  • Needs more of a tutorial
  • Controlling and locating units can be hard at first
  • Voice acting
  • Inconsistent AI