Strange Brigade Review

Strange Brigade Review

01/09/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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I have been beating back hordes of mummified fiends in a spiffing quest to destroy evil with Rebellion Developments new game, Strange Brigade.

Anyway back to talking like a reasonable person, Strange Brigade is a 3rd person co-operative shooter.

The players will use one of four characters to fight mythological enemies and solve puzzles to acquire gold and relics.


The storyline has you follow the Strange Brigade (the name of the group of adventures) as they head to Egypt.

They travel in their zeppelin ship following the news of an ancient horror.

Upon arrival, you will find an abandoned camp and an undead horde confirming your worse fears that the Queen Seteki has awoken.


The overall controls are good, dodge rolling works as intended, allowing you a brief moment to leap out of the way of incoming damage.

The auto-aim isn’t too bad at a distance, Allowing you to snap to your intended targets.

However, there are a few small issues with it. When an enemy is up close, even if your recital is on the enemy, the bullet will still frequently miss, forcing you to put distance between you and them to get a hit.

On top of this, with certain bosses, you are asked to aim at specific spots to deal damage or stun them – this can be awkward when your recital wants to snap to centre mass. Another small issue is the sprinting in the game. There is no button to sprint instead you need to run until your character puts their gun away and begins. An auto sprint takes 3/4 seconds to achieve and is a frequent complaint of everyone I have played. A sprint button would do wonders for people’s sanity.

Strange Brigade 8


The puzzles help to break up the action and slow the pace down a bit.

It doesn’t negatively affect the gameplay in my opinion but instead.

It enhances it by making you take the time to think through some well put together puzzles.

The puzzles can be as simple as finding the right combination of hieroglyphics to enter, shooting pipes to connect them in the right way to open the door or even timed puzzles.

Via opening these doors, it will allow you to gain collectables, runes and gold. Using the gold, you can buy new weapons to use on your characters. The runes can be used to upgrade said weapons with special abilities; some will increase the damage, reload speed and headshot damage; others allow you to put elemental damage or vampiric healing. It’s a great system that will enable you to play the characters in a style that will suit you.

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The base game currently contains four characters.

Frank Fairburne

He was previously a soldier of fortune and joined the Brigade after assassinating the leader of a demonic cult.

Archimedes De Quincey

A Scholar who joined the Brigade after losing his expedition team to undead horrors.

Nalangu Rushida

She is of African descent and was trained from a young age to be part of the witch-warrior cult that protected her people from demons and creatures of the night.

Gracie Braithwaite,

A Lancashire lass raised throughout the factories. She was blunt but useful as a member of the Brigade and made her mark after burning down a textile factory that was being used to produce human skin suits.

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Voice actors

The entire cast did an excellent job voice acting this game, but the one who hands down steals the show is the narrator, his one-liners are superb and have had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions.

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Despite the few minor issues.

It’s a fun shooter with some great puzzles, but where it shines is the co-op.

It’s an absolute joy to play with others whether it be the campaign or the horde mode working towards a common goal feels genuinely rewarding.

I do however think Rebellion missed out in an opportunity for stream integration on the horde mode, allowing viewers to pick which enemies spawn, weapon or health drops etc. would have been a blast and maybe something for them to consider in future releases.

Launch Trailer

Strange Brigade


Final Score



  • Narrator
  • Unique fun characters
  • Puzzles


  • Lack of sprint button
  • Close proximity aiming
  • Lack of stream integration