Spintires Mudrunner Review

Spintires Mudrunner Review

24/10/2018 0 By Josh shoup
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Spintires Mudrunner is a game that will test your wits as you get behind the wheel of multiple pieces of heavy machinery.  It is a simulation of what it is like to drive vehicles in a terrain that is unlike what most gamers are used to.

Originally released October 31st, 2017, Spintires Mudrunner is developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is an upgraded continuation of the 2014 Windows-only Spintires.

The basis of Mudrunner sounds very simple.  You are a driver that will utilize multiple construction type vehicles to load and transport different types of material from one place to another on a map.  Another type of mission is to pick up a trailer and drive it to a point.  On paper, this seems like a piece of cake, and that couldn’t be any further away from the truth.  This is, after all, a simulator.  You will feel the weight of the vehicles as you try to drive up a hill or any rough terrain.  You will feel the fear of potentially capsizing and dropping your entire load.  You also have to be careful as to not do too much damage to your vehicle – I had my engines blowing up quickly!  You also take the risk of other real-life issues, such as running out of gasoline.

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The terrain in Mudrunner is very unforgiving.  You do not have beautifully paved roads to drive your vehicles on.  There are many times you will be driving on narrow passages in which one wrong move will send you and your cargo over a ledge.  The game is called for Mudrunner for a reason!  You will often find yourself driving in heavily mudded areas.  It is crucial that you learn how to use your winch quickly, as this will get you out of many sticky situations.  You will also run into watery terrain.  This can be a gamble; you can try to cross the small pond, but it may get too deep and then you will have a major problem!  In any of these situations where you get stuck, you have to be very careful because getting stuck can cost you lots of time, as well as a potential to rough up the area you are stuck on.  You always have to think twice about the path you take to minimize these encounters.

The game features nine maps in its base form.  You will find yourself driving in a bog, on an island, down a mountain and many more.  All the levels are based on the “sandbox” style of OpenWorld.  You can decide to complete missions or just drive around and get used to the terrain, which I would highly recommend as each area is very different.  There are nineteen vehicles to drive in the game.  It is important to figure out the importance of each vehicle as they all have something different to offer.  With the number of mods that you can add to a vehicle, you will have many ways to customize each of them for the performance you need.

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The game offers a multiplayer experience that is not only good but is heavily encouraged.  You can play with three other friends on a map where you can help each other on missions.  You can help each other with getting unstuck as well as loading materials.  What I thought was very interesting was the ability to have an individual save file for your multiplayer experience.  This gives you and your friends the ability to have your own special map that you can come back to whenever you want.

Of course, there is the newly released American Wilds Expansion.  Players will have access to new iconic US trucks.  These include the Ford F150,  the H1 Hummer, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer, and the Ford Liner FLD120 amongst others.  The expansion also added dozens of new vehicle add-ons to modify your vehicles.  Two more Sandbox maps were added – Grizzly Creek and  Mount Logmore – as well as two new challenge maps!  There are currently two ways of acquiring the expansion.  Players that have already purchased Spintires Mudrunner can purchase the expansion as a DLC.  People that are new to the game will be able to purchase the American Wilds Edition that includes the base game and all of the previously released DLC.  This version is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam.  It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in November 2018.



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The game is not without its problems. I, honestly, did not like the game at first.  As a gamer used to fast-paced action titles with cars that can go 0-100 mph in under 5 seconds, this game was like a tortoise racing a hare.  I went into the game trying to do missions quickly and was met with failure after failure.  It wasn’t until I talked to a fan of the game that I could understand how to play.  Players should know that a single mission could take several hours to complete.  I felt like there was not enough variety in the tasks, either.  Often times, you will do the same thing over and over.  I felt the camera work was a little rough around the edges as well.  It seemed strange there was no rearview camera for when you are driving in first-person mode, especially considering the moments where you are required to back up to pick up or drop off a trailer.

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Spintires Mudrunner set out on being a simulator for heavy machinery, and to that, they did a fantastic job.  You truly grow an appreciation for the real life men and women that do this for a career. That being said, this game is definitely not for everybody.  Its very slow pacing will not be exciting for most gamers used to high speed action games.  If you are looking for a relaxing game, though, this is something to throw on for a few hours to knock out a single mission and be content.  It’s nice to see they are still supporting the game with the new American Wilds DLC.



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Final Score



  • Relaxing Gameplay
  • Family Friendly
  • Continued Support


  • Very Slow Gameplay
  • Graphics Seem Dated
  • Camera Needs Some Work