Spider-Man  (PS4) review

Spider-Man (PS4) review

12/09/2018 1 By Matthew Furnival
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It’s been a good few years since we had a superhero game worthy of the title super. With the release of Spider-Man this week, we can all finally don our tights again and hit the street like never before.

Insomniacs games have done a fantastic job of creating a story around Spider-Man, as I am sure we all know his origin story by now and I think we have seen Uncle Ben die more times than we can count. So for them to go forward several years and show Peter Parker moving on to being an adult was a good call. So many people playing the game can probably relate to issues he is facing (minus the being bit by a radioactive spider thing) but living in your first crummy flat/apartment, relationship problems in your first serious relationship, to finding the balance between work, family and life. It’s a story that will hit home with many gamers.




Spider-Man (PS4) review

The story starts out shortly after where the book Hostile Takeover finishes, you don’t need to read this but if you want a bit more backstory, to how Spider-Man helps with the police investigation that leads to the events and eventual arrest of Wilson Fisk within the tutorial then I do recommend it, the tutorial is done well it’s Action-Packed.

As well as being used to introduce several of the characters straight off the bat and helps you get to grips with swinging mechanic and combat early on.


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Obviously, You will get better at each with more practice, but both feel good, even if you’re a bit of button masher you can still pull off some cool moves within the game. But if you take the time and learn how to swing, slingshot and parkour your way around the city you can look awesome doing it.

The same can be said about the combat with a few points in the skill tree, memorising a few button combos and taking your time, you can be juggling foes in the air and throwing them around the room in no time, top this off with any of several gadgets you unlock throughout  and the gameplay will make for some quite spectacular combat sequences.

Another thing Spider-Man does excellently is the villains.

You may take down one baddie, e.g. Wilson Fisk but you never feel like the game is forcing another Villian on you. The introduction of each feels like natural progression and makes sense to the story every step of the way.

The game contains quite a variety of suits and gadgets to use. Given Insomniacs past with Sunset Overdrive, this was one of the things a lot of people were looking at them to get right and they really did deliver on it. As previously mentioned there are several gadgets within the game from the based web shooter and electric webs up, to the more imaginative suspension matrix and concussion blast. All of these can be changed out and used on the fly even in the middle of combat creating some really fun gameplay elements.




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The suits are also a highlight of the game, there are currently 26 to get that you unlock. From a mixture of leveling and playing through the story plus with the use of tokens gained from various activities. 26 is a huge selection to pick from and gives something for every level of fan from suits in the latest film to more obscure ones that the comic fans would recognise, each comes with a unique power-up that once unlocked can be combined with any other suit, meaning you’re not locked in on your choice between favourite suit and favourite power.

Beyond the main story there is quite a large abundance of side activities to do, the side missions are brilliant as they allow for mini-stories within the game that wouldn’t affect the world at large or actually storyline, you will also have bases where you will need to take on 6 waves of enemies within the area, it may seem pretty simple at first but when you add in the enemies getting progressively harder with each wave and the bonus objectives you need to complete to gain extra token rewards they can get hectic at times.

The game will also introduce you to research stations where you will be able to explore Peter’s more scientific side by helping Harry Osborn complete tasks to benefit the city as a whole.

As well as these, the game has collectables to grab and crimes you must stop, but I must admit I didn’t particularly enjoy the side activities, beyond the side missions of course. The rest felt like you were doing the same thing over and over in the pursuit of tokens just to obtain upgrades. Throw in the rather boring puzzle sequences on top of this it became a real chore to complete them all.


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Insomniacs Spider-Man not only looks fantastic but they have done a great job nailing the traversal and combat mechanics. I did, however, experience a few issues with crashes and bugs during my time playing the game between those issues and the repetitive side content it dropped a few marks in my opinion. However, I would still highly recommend the game based on the voice acting, story, graphics and controllers.



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Final Score



  • Controls
  • Story
  • Gadgets and Suits


  • A few small Bugs/crashes
  • Side activities are repetitive