Sea of Thieves review

22/03/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Hello everyone, we’re back with a new reviewer and a new game. The much anticipated for many Sea of Thieves and considering that it got teased all the way back at E3 2015 it’s about time we finally got our hands on the pirate filled, treasure looting, absolutely bonkers of a game. So don on your captain hats and show us your best pirate voice and lets set sail.

Digging up buried treasure and fighting off hordes of the skeletons who we can assume are pirates long forgotten. The game for such a simple concept has some amazing features when setting sail you need to raise the anchor, drop the sails and even angle them to catch the wind so you can go faster this shows emphasis on the games clearly teamwork built play style as managing steering, navigation, look out and even repairs to ship takes communication from everyone playing. The goal of the game is to amass a horde of wealth this can be done across the 3 separate factions in the game The Gold Hoarders who give treasure maps and riddles that you need to match up with in game locations and find the chests, The Order of Souls a faction working towards the eradiction of the undead crews they give you bountys to hunt down and vanquish skeleton crews and their captains and The Merchant Alliance the maritime trading company that involves shipping sugar, tea, spices, silks and even live stock across the seas.

Graphic wise this game isn’t going to blow everyone away, at first glance the people, ships and islands look almost like for lack of a better word playdough but it still has its own charm and to top that off when you start playing and every now and then you notice things that will make you stop in your tracks the way the light of a setting sun reflects of the waves crescenting on the horizon or see the north star (yes it is in the game) pull out from behind a dark cloud to surrounded by the aurora borealis it makes you realise the stark contrast between the graphics close to you and how much effort was put in to making the backdrop as stunning as possible

Music & sounds
The sound effects in this game are beyond what I was expecting at first, the waves crashing against the ship and storms on the horizon you can hear the clap of thunder for quite some distances in the game and even the rickety sounds of the skeletons make the world feel alive. The Music is as I’m sure you can imagine pirate themed shanties that can be heard in taverns on islands and can even be played by your crew via instruments in your inventory.

Replay value
I can see this being a 50/50 for some people they are going to love it and enjoy adventuring over and over making their own stories as they go, for others 5 to 6 hours into the game and you may feel you have done everything the game has to offer.

Thoughts To me this is a game you should go in to lightly its fun and silly at times, I also don’t think it’s a great game if you want to play by yourself as being always online means you could very quickly run in to a large crew that wants to steal your loot but then to some this is part of the fun of the game.


by Matthew Furnival

Sea of Thieves


Final Score



  • Ship Controls
  • Music
  • Good Co-op
  • Fun


  • Always online
  • Not solo friendly
  • Limited Gameplay