Rage 2 Review for Xbox One

Rage 2 Review for Xbox One

18/05/2019 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Over the past few days, I have been speeding through the wastelands of Rage 2 with nothing but a talking car, and a  small army of weaponry and some downright awesome telekinetic abilities to keep me company.

For those unfamiliar with the series published by Bethesda the short explanation would be that if a daddy Doom and mommy Madmax got very drunk and forgot to use protect (yeah that’s an image you all wanted burning into your brains), the mutated ugly spawn that resulted from such a horrific act would be Rage 2.

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Now the long answer Rage 2 is a game developed in collation between id Software, the developers behind Doom 2016 and Avalanche Studio, the makers of the Madmax videogame that came out a few years ago, so now you can see why I called it the mutant spawn of them both.

Rage 2 takes the fast-paced gunplay of Doom and builds upon it with a whole host of upgrades from powering up your weapons via different mods, to augmenting your abilities like jumping higher, creating vortexes that suck enemies in and force pushing them so hard you turn them into gazpacho. This does feel really good when in an indoor location, however take the enemies outside in to a more open area and due to the spacing out of enemies the speed in combat that it felt the developers were going for slows down somewhat, that’s not to say it isn’t still enjoying it just feels like there is less fluidity to it.

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Now the in-car combat, I will say this does feel solid Avalanche Studios has clearly taken what they learned from Madmax and applied it here, the car you get at the beginning of the game Phoenix feels incredible to drive around the world of Rage, Phoenix boast a good chunk of upgrades from making it more tanky, to adding more firepower with cluster missiles and mortar cannons. But one of the best features of the car for me is the fact it is sentient much like Kit from the Knightrider series and better yet is voiced by 1970s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, the nerd in me loves all these little throwback references.

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However, it isn’t all post-apocalyptic sunshine and rainbows, where the games combat and world shine, the storyline leaves so, so much to be desired. In the 3 days that the game has been out I have stuffed 44 hours of playtime in to it (I’m anything if not dedicated to my gaming time) and I honestly have not a foggiest what the story is about, so far as I can tell something about your mum who isn’t actually your mum dying in the first few minutes followed by running around collecting stuff for people, it’s mind numbing boring and filled with terrible dialogue, like seriously your maybe mum dies and her daughter is cracking jokes 30 seconds later like nothing has happened, if the writing team couldn’t be bothered to make the characters care about a big story point then why should I ? Due to this and several other points of the poor story I began tuning it pretty quickly and just focusing on shooting stuff, as let’s be honest that’s much more fun.

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Overall opinion

My overall opinion regarding Rage 2 is that if you’re looking for a deep meaningful story with characters you can emphasize with and feel drawn too, then you should probably go elsewhere, if you want a big open world game where you can mindlessly blow shit up then this hits the nail right on the head.


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Rage 2


Final Score



  • Combat is fast-paced and fun
  • Driving feels good
  • The game has a huge open world filled with activities


  • The story is mind numbing
  • The voice acting shows no real depth
  • Very little variety in quests Rating