Polygod review

Polygod review

24/08/2018 0 By Adam Green
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Hey, how is everyone doing this week! I’m writing about a crazy new game called Polygod. This game is very random, chaotic and bright. You play as a ‘Faceless one’ which is an imaginative name since you have no face. Your objective is to fight and survive through different levels against. Well, we’ll get to that because it needs a real explanation. While it looks comfortable and casual at the start, I promise you now it can get challenging very fast!



The worlds are made through seeds, so they are all different which adds to the chaos of this game. Despite the worlds forming differently, they all fell pretty similarly concerning the colours and level design which are significant parts of the game. When we look at other games that use seeds to generate the map they tend to have a lot more verity than Polygod offers which left me a little disappointed in the worlds I was playing.

The game has simple controls in that there is two, shoot and jump. This is helpful as you’ll be too busy trying to figure out how to progress further in the level to think about complicated controls. The gun has no recoil, but the bullets travel slowly, so you have to predict a little bit where you think the enemy will be. The main opposition to you are turrets, a blue tortoise that decided its one purpose in life is to explode near you like a creeper from Minecraft. There are also tic tacs that shoot at you. A weird purple ball that lasers at you And a  shot on a chain that bounces everywhere especially when you shoot it. If you get to the portal at the end of the level just for fun, there is a dragon. As you can tell, it’s a bizarre but entertaining game. Didn’t I say it needed a proper explanation? Trust me if you play it this is as detailed as it gets!


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Inside the game, you can find alters. These offer you upgrades in return for souls, one kill = one soul. You can get things like explosive ammo or improved

speed but you can’t stand still for 2 seconds, or you lose health. Some are helpful, but others can be a detriment. The good thing is this allows you to change your faceless one to form a play style that both suits and helps you. They are scattered out pretty evenly throughout the levels so you can always find one.

The health system is pretty basic, when you kill an enemy they usually drop health. If you manage to kill a few enemies taking little to no damage, then you can overheal which stays until you get hit by something.

There are some characters or NPC in the game, but they don’t talk and the script provided is very little however they can be pretty funny. The annoying this is the text repeats itself instead of just stopping making for an awkward experience that ruins the initial chat.

Talking about talking, as you load into anything you are meet with a loading screen that cycles a bunch of quotes. Some deep-thinking ones and others that are pretty nonsense. I just thought it was an odd touch, but it’s a lot better than watching a bar move along a screen, and I appreciated it.


The game is very bright and looks pretty good, but overall the graphics look like they came from a sequel to Minecraft. The world and things in the game are all standard geometric shapes, and the graphics on them aren’t the best. While the game isn’t ruined by this, it feels a bit like a step back in time.

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Music/ Sound:

The music is some way between frustrating and calming which works well because if you’re stressed it calms you and if you are relaxing too much it makes you want to focus. To be honest, it reminds me of the Human music Jerry listens to in Rick and Morty. There isn’t much verity, but it acts as white noise and completes the game.


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Replay value:

While the levels are different due to seeds, the game still plays very much the same, and after defeating a few of the bosses, I didn’t feel drawn back to play it any longer. The game is fun and challenging, but I don’t think it’ll make a big enough impact to keep you guys coming back to play it over and over again.

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Overall/ Final thoughts:

Polygod finds its fun in its difficulty and wacky enemies. It’s a game that won’t hold your hand was dropping you straight into the deep end which can be daunting but what do they say about learning on the job. I enjoyed the initial thrill and difficulty but with a few easy exploits and once you find the beautiful blessings the game loses what attracted me to it in the first place. As there is no real progression or story and the combat is necessary, I don’t see Polygod doing too well. While you may get a laugh, the distant approach to a game that feels pretty repetitive didn’t do it for me. But that’s my opinion, and I would love to hear yours so positively comment with your thoughts on this game.


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Final Score



  • Difficulty
  • Art style
  • Loading screens
  • New ideas concerning perks


  • Repetitive
  • Chat with NPC’s