OVERCOOKED 2 – Xbox One Review

OVERCOOKED 2 – Xbox One Review

18/08/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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This week I have been running around the kitchen as an octopus screaming at a panda (my partner’s character choice), to wash the dishes while I’m maniacally spraying a fryer with a fire extinguisher and giving Gordon Ramsey a run for his money. With my use of the English language, if this kind of chaotic nonsense peaks your interest, then Overcooked 2 should be on your list of games to play.


For those who haven’t played the first Overcooked game I will give  you a  break down of what it details, the game as a whole is to take the ingredients provided and chop, fry, mix, boil, bake and steam them to complete meals within a time limit to earn enough money so you can beat the objective. This is a system that has been used in many other cooking related games. However, Ghost Town Games have taken this primary system and made it much more challenging with the edition of puzzle-like environments that range from pedestrians getting in your way, being run over by cars, falling into pits, conveyor belts separating the kitchen and moving raft kitchens.

Overcooked 2 also has a whole new story mode where you travel around The Onion Kingdom going through over 40 levels learning to become a Masterchef so that you can sedate the hunger of the un-bread (yes the game contains zombie bread).

All this makes it even more fun and challenging as the game is played cooperatively either on your sofa with someone you know or with your online friends meaning that communication and timing is key to doing well.Online/Party modeOvercooked 2 also hosts a 2/4 player versus mode where you can compete head to head to see who can gain the most money, serving up food in a set amount of time. This can be achieved by using separate kitchens, but you frequently share a worktop meaning you can steal prepared items off the other team to give you an edge.UnlocksAlthough you start with only several characters, you can unlock a multitude more via doing well in the story mode. The game has an incredibly diverse range of characters to unlock from some animals, older characters, characters from all ethnic groups and even some in wheelchairs. All of which look unique and have a quirky animation style to them.


This game is a significant improvement upon the first one. The gameplay feels a lot smoother, The puzzles and worlds are more engaging than ever. To top it off they have added online co-op, so you no longer have to play with someone at home. However, it is excellent fun to play at home with a partner, friend or family members and four players versus mode could make for an excellent party game. Overcooked 2 is an all-around fun game that has a decent amount of replayability if you wish to earn all the stars in each level.

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Overcooked 2


Final Score



  • Lots of characters to choose from
  • A fun competitive game
  • On the right side of Challenging


  • Could cause arguments if you're easily frustrated
  • No reset button when you fail a mission, you need to to load out and back in to a mission to replay