Onrush review

Onrush review

09/07/2018 0 By Adam Green
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Hey, everyone, we’re back with another review and today we will be taking a look at the racer that doesn’t involve start or finishing lines just non-stop action that encourages you to create mayhem and epic stunts. ONRUSH is a new type of racer that uses different game modes to determine the winner, not just who is the guy in front, even though that is still a personal victory. By crashing into your opponents and barrel rolling, you earn ‘rush’ which is what it says on the tin! It acts like nitrous which gives you extra speed to help achieve the objectives. Onrush is a team base racer which is a good idea on paper. However, the way the race plays out, and the end game stats leave something to be desired as there is no real feeling of a team effort.


The core gameplay is enjoyable. The cars and camera are similar to, that of Rocket League but without the ability to fly and sadly no giant footballs. However, this does mean that they are easy to drive and the game despite its new concept will feel very natural in your hands. Taking down enemies feels very rewarding especially when you have a WWE etc. commentator shouting ‘TAKE DOWN’ when you wreck an opponent. This brings, a little bit of Burn Out nostalgia with it, so you know it’s a fun game.  The wreckcams are usually pretty entertaining even if the end result is seeing your own death. Talking of death, when you take down an opponent it mostly results in your own demise as well. As you are forced to watch your opponent crash you can’t see the chaotic track ahead and usually end up smashing into a wall straight after. Quick tip, they are instrumental in learning from as a new player to see the verity of different ways to take someone out.
I would have liked more maps, but they are big enough and have many different pathways, so they feel a lot bigger. The map design is excellent as well with subtle hints that direct you around the track. I think this was the right way to go and the developers found the right balance so the game is clear of ugly signs and you won’t get lost.
The game consists of 4 different game modes, which you can’t choose between yet. They are randomised, and this is both good because, on the one hand, it keeps the game fresh as you roll around them all, but on the other side, annoying because if there is one mode, you don’t like you can’t choose to play it. The first game mode and my favourite is ‘Switch.’ It is similar to a gun game, but you work up through the classes of the cars, and you change when you die. The aim here is to take down your opponents by any means necessary and where I think the game really stands out as its true self. The second game mode is ‘Countdown’ where you drive through gates to add time to a countdown clock to stop it from hitting 0 seconds. This mode is one of my personal favourites as it requires more skill than most of the other modes and encourages more takedowns.  Thirdly ‘Overdrive’ is just which team can use the most boost, its an easy win if you save up your special ability. Finally, my least favourite game mode is ‘lockdown.’ Here you and your team fight for control of a moving circle. If there are more of your team in it for 5 seconds, you collect the point. The reason why I don’t enjoy this mode is that it focuses more on racing than stunts and takedowns which are the core of the game. I also didn’t enjoy it as much because of my own team. In my experience, the majority of my deaths came from my team who would push me out of the circle into trees and walls resulting in more opponents in the circle and therefore losses. I spoke to some of the players who did this repeatedly, and the main reasoning was because they wanted more points. This confused me at first because simply that’s not how it works. However, I realised I had but a lot of time into the game to learn it. The casual player doesn’t have much of an idea because there is no real tutorial on each game mode. The campaign of sorts acts like a tutorial, but this teaches you more about the classes and combat. There is very little info on the game types. I may have been unlucky or a bit harsh about this mode, but I hope that it will get better in time and especially if your squad up.
I touched on the campaign which is a glorified tutorial, but it does its job and is pretty entertaining. The commentator can be cringe-worthy at times, but ultimately, it’s pretty funny. I think this sets the tone of the game quite well. It’s not a dangerous game but one you can play to relax and have fun instead of coastally worrying about win-loss ratios and K/D. However, the announcer in multiplayer is a very different story.
The classes are varied enough to notice a difference especially between that of bike and car. My personal favourites are the ‘Interceptor’ and ‘Titan.’ The rage of classes is excellent, and they are all pretty balanced, so you feel unique and bring something different to your team. Each level comes with a video that shows and explains its different abilities which are very useful because at the start I was seriously at a loss! If this were applied to the game modes, it would be a lot easier for new players to understand what to do.
The customisation options in the game are great! There are hundreds of different cosmetic items for you to unlock from car types and skins, character uniforms and celebrations to different stunt moves. You earn in-game credit relatively slow but completing the daily challenges which, to be honest… aren’t that challenging you can get a lot of credits. You also unlock these items in random loot creates but you earn theses very easily. Also, the animation for these is epic! This is one of the best systems for loot boxes I’ve seen out there. There is a steady collection of items, but you can save up and buy with in-game credits the big-ticket items.
Where I think this game really falters is the AI that randomly spawns in as black cars that give you boots for destroying them. As they are singled out as weak taking them down doesn’t feel like an achievement just a means to an end. I think this was a significant loss and a simple colour change or something could really turn the experience around and made the game feel more hectic and destructive.
I Must admit I didn’t think this game would impress me when it comes to visuals. But Onrush with its smart art design and contrasting colours within the worlds and cars looks fantastic. The Graphics work to give the vehicles a worn look, but this works so well within the game. Not to mention the beautiful beaches and lush forests you can race in.
Music/ Sound:
There are so many different sounds, and they are all bright and distinct. The engines sound great, and so does the smashing sounds of the destructible parts of the environment. The issues come with the music and announcers. The music reminds somewhat of ‘trials’ just a lot worse. Most of the music is really pumped up and hyper which tries to reflect the game with its craziness but it just doesn’t work most of the time and feels out of place. Also, the commentators sound cool after 5 mins of gameplay, but if you play any longer, you’ll notice that they sound totally out of place as well. If you do an epic takedown or an easy little nudge to take someone down the announcer screams the same like it’s the best move in the world. Also, it seems like the generic one-liners they say make no sense what so ever.
Replay value:
Because the game requires a lot of people to fill a lobby, there are some awkward wait times, even though it has just realised. This makes me think that over time the player base will die off and once it does it will die fast as joining a game will be nigh impossible. Despite that pessimistic prediction, this game plays much like an arcade-style game, so I see people picking it up and playing it whenever as the fun laid back game that it is. I mean if there are still people playing Tetris and space invaders; I see no reason why people won’t continue to mess around on Onrush.
Overall/ final thoughts:
The game is entertaining and fast paced which keeps you entertained. It focuses on takedowns and stunts which allow for some epic moments. However, when you get the slow-mo view of it, the game carries on usually killing you in the process. The arcade-style allows it to experiment with the racing genre and I see something genuinely unusual under all its problems. Personally, I would wait for the price to drop a bit before picking it up but it does have enough verity and cosmetics to keep you entertained for a long time.



Final Score



  • Loot boxes
  • Vehicle classes
  • Takedowns
  • Graphics
  • Map design


  • AI
  • Music
  • Announcer
  • Team element doesn’t really exist