Masters of Anima Review

Masters of Anima Review

11/04/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Hello its Matthew here, back with another review this time with a game that popped up on my radar quite recently, Masters of Anima. Story The gameplay follows the story of an Anima apprentice named Otto, he is gifted at the art of Anima and wants to rise the ranks of Master so that he can marry his betrothed Ana.

You start the game practising for and then taking the test to become a Master of Anima. This is your tutorial for the game and will teach you how to use Anima and control the minions that you spawn, along with the uses that they have for solving the small puzzle like situations.Due to certain scenarios that unfold at the beginning of the game, Ana is quickly captured by the evil Zahr and his Golems, and due to Otto’s newly found master status he is called upon to save the world from Zahr, but all he cares about is saving his fiancee Ana.

Gameplay wise this game didn’t hit all the merits for me personally, I felt that the puzzle system was implemented well nothing was too difficult and given a few moments to think it was simple to solve the tasks laid out. However the combat system is where the game was let down, there are only 3/4 fights per level and due to this each one felt difficult almost like a mini boss fight, normally this wouldn’t be an issue for me I would hang back study the enemy and play defensive until I could take it down, but this wasnt an option in the game due to the rage meter on the enemies after a period of time in the fight the enemy would go berserk chaining together special moves one after another making it very tricky to position your minions quick enough to avoid being killed.


The art style for this game looks like a more flushed out variant of the Torchlight series an art style that I feel brings about a slight childish charm to the game and works well in games that has a  top-down view.

Music/voice acting
Music in this game is subtle and seems to be ever present, it has a charming light feel when exploring but upon entering combat picks up the pace and makes gameplay feel faster, but isn’t done in such a way that you always notice it, you can easily zone out to it entirely.

The voice actor for Otto took me a while to pinpoint, for almost a week now it has been niggling at my brain that I know him from somewhere and I was convinced it was Game of Thrones, turns out I wasn’t far off as the actor is Daniel Kendrick who voiced Gared Tuttle in the Tell Tales Game of Throne series, his voice acting as Otto is pretty good I can see him working on more games in the future and look forward to seeing where his career goes into gaming.

I haven’t entirely finished the game yet so this is something I will be brief on, the game offers a variety of collectables on each level that increase your skills, on top of this each level is guarded up to an S rank based on how well you do so there could be some replayability if you like to better your score. Overall

For the price of £15.99, this game isn’t a bad price point it seems to have some reasonable length to it, along with an interesting story concept, however the combat and somewhat clunky control system on the Xbox let it down. I will be keeping an eye on what PassTech Games have in store in the future as for an independent studio they’re showing promise.



Masters of Anima


Final Score



  • Nice art style
  • Interesting  storyline
  • Reasonable price


  • Rage meter makes combat rushed
  • Controls would be better suited to PC