Marvel Avengers (PlayStation 4)

Marvel Avengers (PlayStation 4)

06/09/2020 0 By Josh shoup
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I have been a massive fan of Marvel for pretty much my entire life. My first love has, and always will be, Spider-Man. From that, I was introduced to the likes of X-Men and that’s when I went full-scale into comics and animated series. Of course, you can’t get into those properties without hearing about The Avengers. Fast forward to the past 10 years and now we see how Tony Stark and the gang are now household names. From a massively successful film franchise that caused a boom of Avengers-themed lunchboxes, car decals, clothing, and everything else that you could possibly fathom! There was only one area that the magic of this colossal franchise hasn’t touched, and that is the world of video games.

It feels as if it was eons ago that Marvel Avengers was announced, but along the way, I kept trying to fish for whatever info I could find just to have an idea of when it would be in our hands. Once we knew though, I disconnected myself completely so that I could enjoy the story without having any spoilers as to what was happening and who is involved.

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Let’s talk about the story! As we all know from the initial trailer, the game opens up with a massive Avengers-themed Con where the biggest fans gather in celebration of the Earth’s Heroes. The main narrative of Marvel Avengers is told through the eyes of Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel. Kamala is an interesting character to play as because at the beginning of the game, she has no powers and is just an average you teenager with a big love for comic books. As we know though, this celebration is disrupted and a catastrophic event happens, which is blamed on The Avengers, causing them to disband. The main game takes place a few years later with the focus of reuniting the team and persuading the world of The Avenger’s innocence.

While the beginning of the game consists of story missions, about 2 hours into the game, you unlock a mission hub where you can choose to do main missions or you can start to go on side missions that pertain to a certain character on your team. I personally suggest trying to work through the main game as much as you can, mostly because you do NOT have the whole team at first. Only by working your way through the campaign can you unlock other teammates, some of which don’t join your team until much later in the main story.

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The types of attacks vary from person to person but are overall pretty simple to remember. You have a light attack, a heavy attack, and a myriad of special abilities that make each person unique. Each person has their own Experience bar and upon leveling up, gain their own ability points used to gain new attacks and whatnot. While I would suggest trying to keep your team relatively balanced throughout most of the game, by the end and into post-game, you have the ability to take a specific character to adopt as your Main character. Sorry Spider-Man fans, if you (like me) were planning on using him as your main, that won’t happen any time soon as the Webslinger will not be available until 2021!

As you beat up bad guys and complete missions, you will pick up gear along the way. Alternatively, there are several shops in the game where you can buy new pieces of gear. Each piece of gear you pick up boosts specific stats and may give you a type of buff, for example, 25% less damage from electric damage. Early on, you will just to equip that has a higher gear score, but once you are in the end game, you will start to be more mindful of those buffs.

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I personally was not a massive fan of this gear system though. The best way for me to describe this is to look at a game like Destiny. In Destiny, if you equipped a new helmet or cloak, it was visible on the character. In Marvel Avengers, this is not the case. I personally wish they would have implemented a system where you could add points to specific stats instead. I feel like the ability to really customize your character would make building someone up a specific way really exciting!

Early on, most people I talked to were concerned about how Marvel Avengers looked. There was concern that the characters did not look like their cinematic counterparts. Of course, we know that even if the devs WANTED to do that, it would be impossible due to the legal nature of licenses. To be honest, though, I was perfectly content with how they looked after only playing for a few hours. Visually speaking, the game looks pretty great most of the time. That’s not to say that I didn’t have any issues along the way.

Get ready for a WHOOOOOOOLE lot of pop in textures and enemies that materialize out of nowhere. This would be especially noticeable when in the heat of combat. There are enemies that do teleport into battles, but I would have moments where I would be in the middle of a massive battle and have enemies literally materialize in front of me. I also had moments where it was clear that the game loaded up the wrong character model! Outside of being hilarious to see, the main culprit was Tony Stark. I had multiple times where it would show Tony Stark doing the things that he would only be able to do in the Iron Man suit. Thankfully, I think Tony works out quite a bit, otherwise the missiles that hit him multiple times would leave him a pile of bones and goo!

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Another issue that happened for me several times was that the vocal audio would completely disappear during cutscenes. The soaring score would continue to play, but none of the spoken dialogue was present. I found it even more peculiar because I am old and I use subtitles, but once the spoken dialogue was gone, the subs went with it! Thank Alanis Morrisette that Youtube exists so that I could find those cutscenes so that I know what is going on.

I cannot stress enough that despite my score I REALLY like Marvel Avengers and see that it has boatloads of potential! My score for the game is due to how many glitches were in the game. Without the glitches, I would probably rate this game at a 8.5! I have talked to some people that have even encountered complete game-breaking glitches! Considering the game was delayed from April to September, I feel like there should not be this many glitches in the final product. I see Marvel Avengers can be a fantastic game if there are patches put out to help with all the glitches. PlayStation players have Spider-Man to look forward to come 2021, but I hope that we see many other Marvel characters, both heroes and villains, make their way into the game. Lord knows that they could include Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch and due to the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman I think Black Panther would be a welcome addition. If you are a mega-fan of The Avengers, I would highly recommend picking this up, but if you are a patient gamer, I think it would be alright to let this simmer for a little bit to work out the bugs.

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Developer:Crystal DynamicsCrystal NorthwestEidos-MontréalNixxes Software BV  Publisher: Square Enix
Release date: August 14, 2020
Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows
Platform Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 PRO

Marvel Avengers


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  • Each character feels unique
  • All New Story


  • Vocal Audio cutting
  • The gear system feels empty
  • Frequent pop-in