LEGO The Incredible’s- Xbox one review

LEGO The Incredible’s- Xbox one review

31/07/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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This month is a good one for Lego fans with TT Games releasing the first Pixar Lego game Lego The Incredibles and also a possible leak found by us here at Demonvideogame of Lego Harry Potter possibly coming to Xbox and Switch. But we are here to talk about Lego The Incredibles which I picked up on release day to play alongside my other half and damn did we enjoy it completing the game in just a few days as we couldn’t put it down.







The game follows the storylines of the first and newly release second movie, however, you will need to play through the second movie before you’re able to unlock the first one which could possibly spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it. The storylines follow a similar premise to that of the films with the added quirkiness of lego thrown in. Alongside these story mission’s there is also an open world hub area to explore within which there are several districts each with its own mini-storyline about crime bosses that upon beating will unlock the location of the all the collectables within that area, there are also an abundance of side quests to do from putting out X amount of fires, catching thieves and finding/destroying hidden items. And in true Lego fashion, it keeps the fiddly races in the game, however, most aren’t too bad but the flying ones can take some getting used to.





All of this is backed up by a huge roster of character’s from The Incredibles universe each of which is unlocked through little foil packets you get for beating certain objectives this gives a wonderful element of surprise as it feels much like the mini figure kits you can buy in store as you never which character you’re going to get. On top of this there are even some surprise character’s from other Pixar film’s which were a huge surprise for me and my other half when we first unlocked one and from then on every time we got a Pixar foil pack it was a fun guessing game between us to see who could predict the film the character would be from.


As with all lego game’s this one is really accessible to those who aren’t major gamers, I am sure a majority of children will get on fine with this game with little to no help from parent’s but it is still an enjoyable game for adults none the less especially those who are fan’s of The Incredibles movie franchise which with us being in our mid 20s it was kind of a big deal in our childhoods.





Overall Our overall opinion of the game is that it was a blast to play, we both had a lot of fun and made a great weekend out of it as a co-op game, I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Lego games, The Incredibles or just looking for a good co-op game to play with their kids on non gaming partner.

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