Hot Wheels Unleashed (PlayStation 4)

Hot Wheels Unleashed (PlayStation 4)

30/09/2021 0 By Josh shoup
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Hot Wheels Unleashed (PlayStation 4)
I remember growing up taking many household items to create a cool Hot Wheels track. These tracks would see my cars often jump over perilous pits (a bowl of water), skid through narrow canyons (pillows), and would naturally drive over rough terrain (my dogs) before triumphantly crossing the finish line. Now that I am a father of 2, I am often astonished by the tracks that I find at the store. Many hours of building later, my sons have a small metropolis of orange tracks in their rooms to race through and marvel who will win! Thankfully, we are also all big gamers and with the release of Hot Wheels Unleashed we were able to see the marriage of two things we love.

As you may already assume, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game that features many of the Hot Wheels that many of us older folks played with when we were young as well as different vehicles that came out after our time. The racing is definitely more geared towards arcade racing, with all the silly speed boosts and jumps that you would expect in a game like this.

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There are different modes in Hot Wheels Unleashed for you to play in. They are as followed; 

  • Hot Wheels City Rumble – This is the main campaign in the game. You will race your way through over 50 different races, battle bosses, and do different time trials as you try to liberate the city.
  • Quick Race – This is pretty standard in all racing games. Have a specific race you are trying to get better at? Then Quick Race is your place to go to refine your track navigation.
  • Time Attack – Time Attack is a lot like Quick Race with the only exception is that you are not going up against computer AI. Your only competition is yourself as you strive to beat your time on each lap!
  • Multiplayer – Think you have the skills to take on the world? In multiplayer you will compete against other players online in races for up to 12 players.
  • Basement – As you play the Hot Wheels City Rumble you will unlock different household items that you can use to customize a hangout area called the Basement. 
  • Track Builder – This mode is for all you mega track builders out there to stretch your creative muscles! As you play City Rumble, you will unlock more ways to make your creations ever more bizarre!
  • Livery Editor – Want to change up the look of your vehicles to be unique? In the Livery, you can give your collection of vehicles a fresh coat of paint. 


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Now, you can’t just pick any car and hope that everything will be evenly matched. The cars all have their own stats that you have to be mindful of. They are rated from common cars to legendary. Common cars generally have pretty low stats and you are more likely to win by hair (if you are likely) in later races. You unlock new cars by opening up blind boxes, unlocking them after specific races, or by buying them. The blind boxes can be a gamble as it is completely random what you get. I find this approach to be kinda neat but at the same time, it can be problematic. The third box I opened contained a legendary car with near-perfect stats, so I had no more use for the rest of my cars for basically the rest of the game! That being said though if there is a car that is your favorite that has underwhelming stats, you can pay to upgrade them with money that you make from winning races.

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I want to talk a little bit more about the track building mode as I feel like after you play the main story, this is where you will want to spend all your time at. It is an incredible mode full of options for you to shape out the most intense ideas you have in your head. You can change the length of your tracks, bend and twist them to go in any direction. The limits are truly limitless. For all that though, I feel it came with a price. Making a simple track will not take too much time or ability, but as soon as you start getting more creative, you start to battle the controller. It took me 5 minutes to figure out just how to delete a section of track. You will be doing controller gymnastics to shape a section of the track if you want it to do a loop into a vertical curly shape. If this is more meant for a younger audience, then I fear that many people will get discouraged by the scope of it and walk away.  

That all being said though, Hot Wheels Unleased is a BEAUTIFUL game that really made me feel like a kid again. The controls were super simple and it took no time before I was crossing that finish line and winning races. I will be very excited to see what the upcoming DLC will bring to the table!


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Developer: Milestone  Publisher: Milestone
Release date: 9/30/21
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
Platform Reviewed on: PlayStation 5


Hot Wheels Unleashed


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