God of War review

God of War review

16/05/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Hello, everyone, it’s Matthew and today I am excited to bring you a review for God of War so excited I went out and bought a PlayStation 4 to play it so expect more Playstation exclusive review in the future. The storyline I’m thrilled I picked the game up with this release as it seems the game is new player friendly and with minimal effort (a quick look on youtube at a 15-minute lore video) I picked up the lore almost immediately.

This game picks up with Kratos now in Midgard about to cremated his second wife, before she died she tasked Kratos and his son Atreus to fulfil her final wish of having her ashes scattered from the highest peak in the nine realms.  The controls for this game are set out very well you start the game with Kratos’s new weapon of choice the Leviathan axe, Which can be used for a mix of heavy and light combos and even be thrown to take down enemies from a distance or hit weak points of larger enemies. If the axe isn’t doing the job, you can also go barehanded all while dodging and blocking with the retractable shield That Kratos has at his disposal. God of War also boasts a full upgrade system that allows you to spend the exp you earn on everything from being able to target multiple enemies with the axe throw to being able to throw boulders while using rage and even being able to block projectiles last-second and throw them back at the sender. The skill upgrade system the game also sees the addition of a full armour and weapon system with lots of variety in armour to choose from each with its stats you can play the game how you wish to. I found myself equipping armour and runes that focused on cooldown and runic upgrades this allowed me to cycle through my abilities very quickly and in some situation even stun lock enemies. Graphics Sonys Santa Monica Studios did a fantastic job with this game visually capturing not only every heartwarming cutscene perfectly. Also making every realm a unique and beautiful environment to explore. Midgard being woodland and mountainous terrain, Alfheim filled with a misty lake with a beautiful elven structure at the centre. Helheim feels cold and dead thanks to the wandering ghosts and dark fog and Muspelhiem a blackened volcanic world with lava falls that pool and bubble. I was in awe exploring every inch of this world set out before me.

Also I have to give props to whoever’s idea it was to create this game with zero load screens it works brilliantly, and because of this you never feel disconnected from the game even during sequences where you don’t have control over Kratos, it moves so seamlessly between the two that you barely notice a cutscene has begun

Music/ Voice acting


The music from this game adds a beautiful depth to every cutscene making the emotional moments feel more intense, and the boss fights more epic, Bear McCreary (recently he made the music for the new Cloverfield movie) did an excellent job composing the music for this game and was apparently an excellent choice. This game sees Christopher Judge take on the role as Kratos, some of you may already know him from his years acting on Star Gate SG1 according to the developers he only got the role due to how quickly he bonded with Sunny Suljic voice actor for Atreus.



In my opinion, Santa Monica Studios did a brilliant job bringing new life to an older series and made it accessible to new fans and old by using no intrusive nods to the past games while showing bring new lore to the series thanks to the changing from Greek mythology too Norse. One of the best single player experiences I have had in recent years currently my top game of 2018, but we will see what is still to come.


God of War


Final Score



  • Amazing Story
  • Good Combat
  • No Cut Scenes


  • A Few Realms Can't Be Accessed
  • I Want More Content
  • Boy