Games with Gold

Games with Gold

25/09/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Games with Gold for October 2018 has finally been announced with a good mixture of games coming this month.

Xbox One

Kicking it off will be Overcooked, a top-down couch co-op game that revolves around prepping, cooking and serving food, priced at £12.79, this game will be available for free from the 1st-15th of October.

Following up on the Xbox One releases is Victor Vran, another top-down game, this time with couch and online co-op where you will play as Victor and hunt down demons while using an arsenal of weapons, outfits and demonic powers to assist you, priced at £15.99, this will be available to download for free between the 16th-31st of October.

Xbox 360

First, up for 360 titles is Stuntman Ignition, it will have you behind the wheel of a car and on camera doing choreographed stunts for movie sets, priced at £11.99, it will available for free download between the 1st-15th of October.

Finishing up the list and 360 titles we have Hitman: Blood Money, this game will have you take on the role of Agent 47 where you will have to play smart and ruthlessly as you try to pull off the perfect assassination on your target without ever being seen, priced at £11.99, this title will be available for free from the 16th-31st of October.

All 360 games are available via backward compatibility.

All in all a pretty weak month for games by Microsoft, I do already own Overcooked however this is one I personally would recommend if you haven’t played it already, but beyond that, the rest are going to be hit and miss with most people.


Games with Gold