Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 Review

01/04/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Hello everyone, we’re back again this time with a review straight from the beautifully chaotic Hope County, let me start by saying Ubisoft have knocked it out the park with this one.

Gameplay Far Cry 5’s story sees you take on the role of a deputy tasked with helping the arrest of cult leader Joseph Seed. Within the first 5 minutes in the right. Far Cry fashion everything goes bottoms entirely up, and you end up being separated from the rest of your law enforcement team, forced to fight off against a religious cult that believes the end times are coming and what unfolds is a long and crazy battle for the regions of Hope County. While fighting your way through the region’s you get to use a wide array of weaponry from a pistol, assault rifles, shotguns, rockets and even the Far Cry’s staple bow and arrow. Far Cry 5 even has a full companion system to aid you with your missions, and through this system, you can meet some rather odd but interesting characters like CheeseBurger the diabetic bear and even Hurk who is making a return yet again to the game series.



The game series continues to use a modified version of the Cry Engine and it apparently still works for them, I mean seriously look at the screenshots for this one. Ubisoft has made me fall in love with Hope County, simple things like casting the line of your fishing rod and staring out over the creek you’re stood at it are stunning to look out upon and when you can see a scene like that over and over across the in-game worlds it really is something to behold.

Music/Voice acting The music for this game sets up a fantastic ambience composed and written by award-winning Dan Romer. He and the Bobby Shin Nashville choir created music that was incredibly pleasant to the ears and in my personal opinion one of the best soundtracks for a game in many years, and given that this is Dan Romar’s first video game score I am really hoping he continues to branch into this line of work. I have to take a moment to congratulate Greg Bryk for his portrayal of Joseph Seed in both the game and the short movie on Amazon Prime, in the game, there is a scene where Joseph becomes quite emotional, and you see a physical snot bubble form. During this scene, I sat there in wide-eyed, stunned silence over how much evident emotion was projected into those lines thanks to both the animation team, script writing and Greg’s performance that is a scene that will play over in my mind for some time.

Replay The game as a whole is reasonably long taking me about 60 hours to 100% it and given that it has multiple endings you could replay it to lengthen your play time, it also has a coop mode and even a multiplayer/arcade mode that I have yet to explore.



A really great story with fantastic voice acting, I have picked up the season pass, and I am looking forward to seeing what the DLC has to offer, along with trying out the classic edition of Far Cry 3 in May.


– Stunning visuals
– Brillant voice acting

– Fun gameplay


– Some bugs but nothing serious
– The world can feel a little overwhelming


By Matthew Furnival