Fallout 76

Fallout 76

27/11/2018 2 By Matthew Furnival
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The past few weeks I have been pumping a lot of time into the latest Bethesda release and it’s taken some time to gather my thoughts and opinions on this game as there is a lot of information coming from various sources that I didn’t want to inflict upon my feelings of the game.


After 70 hours in I can honestly say I am having fun playing Fallout 76, now it is not a game for everyone, infact I wouldn’t even say it is a game for fans of the series. However a small percentage of gamers out there will like this game, some like me may even love it, Appalachia is worth exploring the combination of Fallout lore and local folklore is amazing to discover and doing so with friends makes this even more incredible to do, the heightened difficulty does somewhat force you to play with others but solo is not entirely impossible, instead it makes you feel like you’re playing with handycap active which those who are used to playing on higher difficulties will barely notice.

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I’ve seen a lot of talk about the world feeling empty personally this is something I fail to see, sure NPC would be a welcome addition to help fill out the towns but no matter the direction you go in when you leave the tutorial you will be but a stones throw away from a questline to engage in or a building to explore, every inch of these are filled with logs from people now past to explain backstory and lore to you if you so wish to listen and read them, you will find the game has some real depth to it just below the surface.

The use of the crafting system in game makes the survival aspects of this post-apocalyptic world feel even more alive, having to find and learn recipes, collect the supplies you need to craft it and even physically maintain your gear, this to some could feel like a hindrances, but to me adds just another layer of depth to the survival feel of the game combining this with need to eat, drink and the ability catch diseases it all makes the wasteland even more daunting to traverse.

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I will also add that they extent of weaponry and gear this time around is unlike any Fallout game we have seen to date and no matter your playstyle there is bound to be something to your liking, sadly how useful they are to you may make you rethink your playstyle as currently, the game does suffer from some series balancing issues with shotguns and melee being incredibly overpowered while other weapons are trailing behind and struggling to kill high-level enemies, another issue in the long line for Bethesda to address.

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Between these points of enjoyment I am getting from the game though as stated above is a literally line of issues that need addressing, I’m going to skim over them briefly but only because you can see these everywhere you look online, that by no means makes them any less of an annoyance to deal with, there are bugged quest lines, animation issues, problems with character weight and storage, C.A.M.P placement problems, stuttering of frames during combat and crashes galore and those are just the tip of the iceberg. The game has been out almost two weeks now at the time I am writing this and so far the issues addressed are some animation problems and stutter is slightly less than at release, given Bethesda track record in patches from previous games these issues may remain for very long if ever fixed at all and unfortunately I can see a see a large portion of that small percentage of players have moved on long before the fixes are released.


Let’s cut to the chase is this a game I would recommend to people well yes and no, it would depend on the person I am recommending it to, if I knew you were a patient person that could deal with current state of the game and still enjoy playing cooperative, survival gem that is hidden under the mound of problems then, by all means, give the game a fair chance and it may surprise you. If you’re the kind of person that can’t get past the crashing and stuttering then turn the other way and run as this game will drive you up the wall and isn’t for you.

The game does, however, hold promise to be something really great, but Bethesda needs to pull the finger out and patch, patch, patch fast to keep the small player base they still have that enjoys this release.


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Fallout 76


Final Score



  • Co-op
  • Huge selection of weapons and gear
  • A massive map filled to the brim to explore


  • Crashes
  • Stuttering
  • Balancing problems