Extinction review

Extinction review

17/04/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Today I’m bringing you a review of Iron Galaxy’s new release Extinction. Storyline The story sees you take on the role of Avil known as one of the world’s last Sentinel’s, using the skills he has been taught by his predecessors, he must protect humanity from being wiped out by 150-foot tall threat known as the Ravenii.


The game has you running around a sandbox style level system, each level will have the main object and a few side ones to complete, these objects are normally very similar to each level e.g. protect the watchtowers for X time, save X amount of civilians and kill X amount of enemies. This doesn’t make for the greatest storyline as a lot of mission can feel like copy and pastes of the last just with the numeric counterchanged. However, that being said I feel the game shines more in the combat style. I’ll start with on the ground, where you will be fighting the smaller enemies know as Jackels while taking these on you will use a combination of dashes and burst combos and even slowing time with the high damage distance closing rune attack to fight them, this style of combat is quick to pick up and feels fluid to use.

Now for the Revanii those who have played or seen Attack on Titan will be familiar with these behemoth creatures instead of titans though the developers Iron Galaxy decided to use Ogre like enemies but the same premise stands when defeating them a rune strike to the back of the neck will remove their heads leading to a gory yet rather cool kill, to do this you need to charge your rune strike attack this can be done in a few ways like saving civilians, killing Jackals or removing the armor/limbs from the Ravenii. Not only is this a good idea in general as it dismembers them allowing for more time to build your meter, but also the armor acts as almost a little puzzle sequence as later in the game you will come across Ravenii with multiple lock systems that you need to remove one at a time or even bone armor that can only attack when the armor is no longer ablaze.

The game isn’t pushing the limits of what can be done graphically, the game plays in what I would call mild shell-shaded type of animation, But what I did enjoy was the animation on the cutscenes I wish I could describe to you what its like but its difficult to articulate, Beyond 2D gory Disney I have no other words to describe it, so I’ll make sure an image is below this so you can see what I am talking about.


Music/ Voice acting
Musically can’t really say much I struggled to find any information regarding the composer and honestly it isn’t particularly worth noting on anyways, Voice acting wise was again a struggle to find I watched through the credits 3 times and looked online for some time before I found any mention of who voice acts on this game, after all, that the only name I could find was Ben Lepley who voices Avil, Ben Lepley has lent he voice to several games in recent years from the Fire Emblem series, Agents of Mayhem to even the Dishonored 2 DLC, that being said though I didn’t care much for his character in this game, I’m not sure whether it was the lines or the disinterest in the story but I quickly found myself skipping the dialogue.


I think its very ambitious for them to ask a triple-A title price for this game given it has a short repetitive story mode, however, I did enjoy the combat for the game and feel it’s a great way to spend a few a hours feeling like a badass taking on Ravenii. I do think it’s worth grabbing but would be worth waiting for a sale to pick up.


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Final Score



  • Movement feels fluid
  • Combat is fun


  • Repetitive
  • Overpriced
  • Lacklustre Story Rating