Don’t Touch this Button! Review (PlayStation 5)

Don’t Touch this Button! Review (PlayStation 5)

10/11/2021 0 By Dan Boise
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Don’t Touch This Button! tells the story of a nameless protagonist stuck in a place that looks extremely strange filled with deadly dangers where your goal is to survive through each of the game’s 65 levels. Can you find solve each puzzle that will allow you to unlock the door to the next trap?

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Don’t Touch this Button! is a minimalist puzzle game with a first-person perspective where players have to have mostly easy puzzles by finding and pressing a button to open the door to the next level. As you progressively go through the game and each level/puzzle, the challenge slowly ramps up. Some levels will have clues written on the walls, but more often than not the clue is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do, so it’s a nice touch.

While the first few levels have players mindlessly roaming around and pressing the button in order to open the door and reach the next level. After a few levels, you’ll need to figure out how to press the button that’s surrounded by a spiked trap. A few levels in, you’ll also gain the skill of throwing boxes found lying around.

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As you’d expect, it’s not perfect. While the game can become boring and tedious quite quickly as it goes for way too long (30 levels would’ve been the perfect length), you can never really fail. For example, one of the levels’ has multiple switches surrounded by plenty of spiked traps and the clue to solving this puzzle is slightly cryptic, but you can simply go around pressing every switch until you find the right one. You can “die” as many times as you want, you won’t be game over.

The game looks fine; this is definitely not the game that will push your console’s power, but it’s a nice limited aesthetic that does its job. The soundtrack is a soothing score that could be playing in the background of a cafĂ©. It also suits the game’s premise perfectly; I couldn’t see myself playing a soothing game like this while death metal plays in the background.

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Don’t Touch this Button! is a fun, albeit very limited, diversion from the slew of games releasing over the next few weeks. Thankfully, as you progress through the game, levels because a bit more challenging. If you intend on going through it for the Platinum, play it in short bursts, otherwise, it might end up becoming a game you loathe playing.