Darksiders 3 (Xbox One) Review

Darksiders 3 (Xbox One) Review

30/11/2018 0 By Lyam
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The Darksiders games are an action-adventure series that focuses on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In the first game, you played as War and in the sequel, you play as Death. This time, the player controls Fury, who is the most fleshed out of the three so far. The apocalypse has happened and the Seven Deadly Sins have escaped. Fury is tasked by the Charred Council to find and defeat them all.

Darksiders 3 review

Starting off, you travel through a run-down city to get used to travelling and attacks. For the beginning, there’s only a basic attack that can be linked to different combos, based on presses and holds. The whipping attacks are pretty cool and pulling off a last-second quick dodge results in being able to do a counter for big damage. Throughout the game, more attacks become available for Fury that not only gives combat a bit of spice but enables her to utilize new abilities to unlock areas that were previously closed off.

A highlight to Darksiders 3 comes when interaction happens with Fury and the game’s characters. Her dialogue responses to others come up as very sarcastic and witty but while she puts up a wall to others, she still listens and shows signs of compassion. It’s seen constantly and made conversations interesting. Not only is she shown with character, but the bosses as well. Each of them reflects what their name is, like Gluttony being huge and eating everything. It’s a small detail but it’s one that I loved.

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While running around, you will see small glowing globes that provide you with items used to upgrade your current gear, healing items, or other misc items to temporarily boost Fury with her attacks or defence. Killing enemies gets you blue orb souls that act as currency. You can either buy additional items or level up to get a skill point to put towards health, attack, or arcane damage.

Getting to the bosses is a challenging feat. Enemies begin to swarm as you get further in the game and trying to dodge several enemies doesn’t work. Not only that, but add in ranged enemies and your life quickly depletes. Due to how fast the common enemy attacks or sneak attacks you, you’re more likely to die from them than the actual bosses. In fact, the bosses seemed really easy in comparison because you knew they were right there and could readily dodge their attacks. Trying to dodge common enemies was something I was constantly trying to get the hang of. They would jump out of nowhere and because the dodging is clumsy, I would seem to dodge into the attack, rather than away. When a mob comes, dodging doesn’t help much as moving to the side puts you into a brief vulnerable state that enemies can and do, take advantage of. It doesn’t take many hits before you’re dead and then the horror kicks in when you see that the game throws you fairly far back. At that point, you have to fight through all the enemies again, including the heavy ones, as well as solve the puzzles again.

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The enemies also get an upper hand on you due to framerate drops when a lot is going on and trying to turn the camera. Not only does it drop during big combat moments, but when going through areas, I would have framerate drops or the constant loading symbol in the corner. No matter what part of the game, I felt like I was in a battle with the enemies on screen, as well as the camera and frames.


Darksiders 3 is a very subpar game that will appeal to the fans that can link up the stories of the previous games and theorize what else is or could be, happening. The combat is rough but fun to do attacks, as well as seeing the story unfold, with its very interesting cast of characters. Perhaps a future patch can fix the difficulty and camera, but that would be quite a patch to release for the game. It’s not a game for everyone, but if you’re wanting to see how the Darksiders storyline progresses, it’s a 15-20hr game that can fulfil that appetite while leaving you wondering how this game could have been with a little bit more work put into it to polish it out.


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Final Score



  • Pulling attacks and combos is fun and fluid
  • Great variety of characters
  • Good story as game progresses


  • Camera is bad and turning it can cause framerate drops
  • Dodging needs work
  • Difficulty from just common enemies is ridiculous