Crayola Scoot

Crayola Scoot

02/11/2018 0 By Lyam
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Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone took skateboarding games and Splatoon and mixed them up? That wild mix did happen and the result is called Crayola Scoot! It’s a game with kids on scooters, pulling tricks to gain points, and splattering paint all over parks. Let’s go in depth with the craziness of this fun concept.

Crayola Scoot

From the start, the player goes through a tutorial that teaches everything the player needs to know. Upon completion, they are brought the plaza where they can enter a shop to buy new scooter parts or clothes with the coins they obtain from doing a career or arcade challenges. More clothes and parts become available as the player gains experience points and level up.

To gain experience points, the player goes to career and can select from different regions that have a variety of challenge maps. Examples being maps to gain the most Crayola crayons, gain the most points through tricks, or colouring the arenas. When selecting a challenge, a difficulty option pops up to set for whatever is comfortable for the player. Easy mode is fairly easy while hard mode is real test of skill. Regardless of difficulty and how the player performs, they will still accumulate experience points.

Crayola Scoot 2
Once enough experience points are gained, the player increases in level and then challenged by one of the AI players. The challenge is similar to the basketball game of HORSE, but instead, it’s SCOOT. Each challenger has a few seconds to score a high point combo, then the other has to try and beat it. If they fail, they get a letter till the word SCOOT is together. Winning this unlocks shop content and more areas to play on in a career.

Arcade has the same maps as a career but this is where competitive play can happen. There can be between one to four players on an arcade. There’s no online play, only local. Completing games on arcade gives money and levels can be gained, which are separate from a career.

Crayola Scoot 3

Crayola Scoot will challenge players differently on each map. The trick maps are a test of combining tricks into combos to have the most points. Colouring isn’t the main focus there whereas, on the colour frenzy maps, it’s everything. On colour frenzy, the player is having their scooter spraying paint as much as possible while triggering paint spots on the map to colour more areas. With the AI players trying to cover the map as well, it gets insanely colourful all over. There is no need to pull off tricks for points here. Crazy Crayons is different than both of those in that you are quickly trying to gather the giant crayons that appear on the map. The first person with 5 crayons wins.

Crayola Scoot 4

Overall, the game is very easy to pick up and play while having gameplay that is very forgiving to the players. Landing tricks aren’t as strict as other skateboarding games and maps will still reward, regardless of winning or losing. There’s a good variety of maps and customization to keep people interested in progression to unlock additional content.