Bouncy Bullets 2 Review (PlayStation 5)

Bouncy Bullets 2 Review (PlayStation 5)

10/11/2021 0 By Dan Boise
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Bouncy Bullets 2 is an FPS game where players need to shoot and bounce their bullets around the environment’s walls in order to take out enemies and overcome each level’s challenge. Along with being a shooter, it has a few platforming elements as you have to jump around from platform to platform to progress forward and reach the level’s portal.

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Bouncy Bullets 2 is a unique FPS where each level has different types of enemies. Some enemies can be taken out with a straight bullet, others need to not be shot (otherwise it’s game over) or others needs to be killed by bouncing bullets; that means you need to fire at the exact angle and try to have a bullet land on the enemy.

While this sounds simple enough, enemies will also fire at you, so you need to avoid incoming projectiles whilst trying to shoot your own bullets at the proper angle. To add a bit of strategy, yellow enemies need to be killed with yellow bullets, while pink/red-ish enemies need to be killed with pink/red-ish bullets.

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As a whole, the game is fine, but there’s a little issue where the hit detection from enemy bullets can be a bit questionable. Unlike other FPS games, it feels more problematic to determine whether or not the bullet will hit you or. I’ve seen a few cases where I clearly assumed I dodged the projectile but ended up dead. Another issue is that if you go on a firing rampage, it is easy to confuse your bouncing bullets with the enemies’ projectile.

Bouncy Bullets 2 is one of the most colorful, joyful games I’ve seen in recent memory. … The soundtrack on the other hand is an upbeat, poppy annoying score I’ve heard this year. I understand what they were going for given the game’s cute take on a violent premise, but don’t be surprised if you see yourself reaching for your remote and pressing that mute button.

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Bouncy Bullets 2 is definitely a fun and interesting diversion from the slew of AAA games coming out as of late. It’s cute and simple on paper, yet challenging in execution because trying to bounce around bullets in the adequate angles to take out enemies provides a unique take on the FPS genre. If you have pocket change and a few hours to spare, I definitely recommend this unique FPS. It’s always one more level…