Battlefield V review

Battlefield V review

23/11/2018 0 By Lyam
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Battlefield 5 opens with a cinematic clip and throwing you into the action. There’s chaos everywhere, bullets everywhere, dead bodies everywhere. This is World War 2 and this is the exact scene you would expect to see. Gunning down the enemy, suddenly explosions go off and you’re elsewhere in a tank or suddenly in a plane. Lots of action right from the get-go and I’m soaking it all in. This is just the introduction to the game and it’s wild.

Battlefield V review


I had started first with the single-player campaign, to get a feel for the controls and game mechanics. The campaign is broken down into war stories that tell stories from different people’s aspects in different parts of the war. There’s a small story provided at the start of each war story before you’re placed into the boots of a soldier and need to carry out a mission. There are a few ways that the campaign can be played by either stealth or guns blazing. As you progress through the war story, you get more cutscenes that advance the story and within 2-3hrs, each part of the campaign can be completed. The last war story is currently locked though till later on.

Once in control, you are able to take different approaches to complete the mission. Rather than a linear path to the objectives, you have a wide open area to survey the enemy camps and look for ways to have the advantage. Before openly engaging with anything, you can pull out binoculars to tag enemies as well as gun crates and other objects of interest. Stealthing around is easy with tagged guards and the game showing a bar for enemies if they suspect an intruder. Going in and firing away at the enemies will put them in alert status. The AI for the enemies is rather good as they take cover and have well carried out attacks.

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The campaign war stories did feel a bit too generic, but there’s not much that can be said and told in these stories. There were some gameplay moments that felt a bit weird, in that I would take shoot guards out with an assault rifle and not far from those guards are a couple of others, casually chilling. Meanwhile, if you are stealthing throughout the map and haven’t fired a bullet, the moment you are seen, every guard will fire at your location. Though stealth is suggested and you are given means to do so, it provided no real benefits to do so. I did one part in stealth and realized I didn’t unlock anything. Next, I ran through with guns blazing and similar to stealth, didn’t unlock anything. I saved a lot of time, so there’s a perk at least. It’s a decent playthrough, regardless of some issues with it.

Aside from the single player is the multiplayer modes, which is the main draw to the series in recent years. There are four classes that were in the previous Battlefield 1 game, with assault, medic, engineer, and scout. Like the previous Battlefield, the modes are still the same, which is to be a bit expected with these online modes. Playing as an assault class for my first multiplayer dive, I did remarkably well for not having played many competitive modes in my games. The ease of navigating through the map and being able to play thoroughly well without feeling there were cheap tricks the other players had going for them is great for people wanting to enjoy a game without all the fancy gun microtransactions. Playing with others on headset felt incredible with forming up a strategy to take over points and coordinate attacks, rather than just simply rushing the point.


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Where Battlefield 5 suffers from it’s multiplayer is that it feels extremely similar to the previous game. Although that serves as a plus as well, considering how well done it was done before. In that instance, it can be confusing as to what you are getting with this above the older games. Maps are same in structure and style, which gets kinda dull to play, as they start to feel like all the same. Worst though is that the big mode that was hyped, the battle royale mode, isn’t even present. It won’t be made available till March. With all the battle royale games currently out or about to release, it seems like a big selling point is no longer there.



Battlefield 5 is a brilliant addition to the series. The graphics looked amazing on my television and the gameplay was as action-packed

as one could expect from a World War shooter. Though the campaign can be short and there’s a lot of missing content, the developer will be releasing the missing segments soon for free. It’s not a game to solely go into for the campaign, but to experience both the single player and multiplayer modes. There’s fun to be had here, but the game should have waited a bit longer to release to have the complete package all at once.

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Battlefield V


Final Score



  • There’s a campaign in an otherwise missing campaign world
  • Multiplayer is a blast, even for people not used to it
  • Graphically amazing
  • Solid gameplay


  • Campaign is short
  • Missing portions of the game at release