Author: Lyam

30/11/2018 0

Darksiders 3 review

By Lyam

The Darksiders games are an action-adventure series that focuses on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In the first game,…

23/11/2018 0

Battlefield V review

By Lyam

Battlefield 5 opens with a cinematic clip and throwing you into the action. There‚Äôs chaos everywhere, bullets everywhere, dead bodies…

02/11/2018 0

Crayola Scoot

By Lyam

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone took skateboarding games and Splatoon and mixed them up? That wild…

29/10/2018 0

Windjammers Review

By Lyam

  Windjammers originally was released on the Neo Geo system in 1994. Later, it appeared on the Japanese Wii Virtual…