Atelier Arland Trilogy DX PS4 review

Atelier Arland Trilogy DX PS4 review

02/01/2019 0 By Lyam
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Atelier Arland Trilogy DX is another collection release, but this time, on PlayStation 4. The games with it are Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, which have all appeared on PlayStation 3, as well as the PlayStation Vita. It’s quite an ongoing franchise with Atelier Rorona is the 11th game in the series and there are more plenty more to come.


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All three of the games are JRPGs that don’t follow the usual tropes of other games with dread and doom in the air. There are no dark landscapes with heavy usage of brown colour palettes to showcase a torn up world. Instead, we have a bright, pastel coloured world with cheerful characters. Lighthearted is the best way to describe the presentation and overall attitude of the games. The charm of the games feels like it’s possible there to ease the stress of the main gameplay element of the series, which is performing alchemy.

Simply put, the Atelier Arland Trilogy DX games are focused on you performing alchemy and fulfilling requests within a time limit. Travelling from home to out of town to gather or creating items all take up in-game days, so planning when and what to gather is essential, otherwise, you will not meet your deadline. With each newer game, it felt like the number of days to fulfil orders was a lot more forgiving.


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The games allow you to have additional teammates you can bring with you to assist in out of town gathering of materials. While out of town, you run around in linear maps and collect materials for alchemy. Monsters are seen and when bumped, it puts you into a turned based battle system that’s incredibly easy to manage and figure out. This is a very laid back series that doesn’t want the focus to be on battling.


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The main focus is, again, on alchemy. After gaining x-amount of items, you can create things needed for main storyline quests, side quests, or battle. What creates anxiety a bit is the worry of time passing by and whether or not you have enough time to create the items needed to finish that chapter. While the timer can be worrisome, I found that it wasn’t too bad after you grasp the mechanics of the game.

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There are new features such as costumes and dressing room to change how you want the characters to look, new playable characters, additional post-game content, and much more. Aside from the new features, each game also has all the DLC that was released previously for the PS3 games.

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In the end, the only real negative thing to say with the series is that these 3 feel so similar to one another, with very minor differences in characters and story. In each game, you get a brief intro that leads into your life of alchemy, with gathering materials to create different things. There wasn’t much of a feeling of it being something new to me when last game I played was along the same lines and I thought this each time I was within a few hours of each game. On the plus side, the games are great, but by Atelier Meruru,

Atelier Arland Trilogy DX will give fans several hours of gameplay, well worth the price. The additional features, multiple endings, and DLC are great reasons for fans to revisit these PS3 classics. People wanting to have a more chill laid back, lighthearted RPG will also find a lot of enjoyment with the trilogy. There’s also the added perk that the trophies earned in the game are separate from others. Trophy hunters or Atelier enthusiasts will be able to have these games listed several times in their trophy lists!



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Final Score



  • Brilliant and amazing looking
  • All the DLC
  • Lots to do during the main game and even more in the post game
  • Separate trophy lists from previous games


  • The time factor can be very stressful at first, for people new to the games
  • All the games are very similar to one another