Aragami Shadow Edition Xbox one – review

Aragami Shadow Edition Xbox one – review

19/07/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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I have been showing off my sneaky side with Aragami Shadow Edition.For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it falls under the third person stealth genre similar to that of Dishonored, but Aragami is a hardcore stealth based game that will quickly fall apart upon being caught.The game sees you to take the place of an undead assassin named Aragami with the ability to manipulate shadows around you, you have been summoned by a woman called Yamiko who is talking to you via a projection of her self as she is being held a prisoner in a distant fortress.Yamiko guides you through the game leading you to destroy items known as seals that will eventually release her from where she is trapped, with each seal you break you receive a little bit of backstory about Aragami and Yamiko which helps to slowly build up the identity for these two characters that otherwise you know nothing about.


With the game being purely stealth-based it means that it lacks any sense of a combat mechanic as every kill is instant, including your own death. To counteract this you’re given a bunch of useful skills to use, the shadow leap skill is one of the first you will learn, this skill will allow you to instantly teleport between shadows and up to higher ledges. Unlike other games you won’t be dragging bodies in to bushes as there is no way to move bodies within the game, however you can upgrade your skills to allow you remove the bodies from this realm, which is a nice twist on the stealth genre and plays nicely in to the shadow aspect of the game.







However a lot of your abilities you will need to use sparingly as they only have so many uses before you need to charge them back up at shrines found within the levels, this adds another level of complication as it stops you from spamming abilities like the Kunai which is throwing a dagger that silently kills enemies from a distant and instead makes use them in situations where you have to instead of on a lone enemy that isn’t a threat to you.







The one thing I am not keen on about the upgrade system is that it involves you finding hidden collectables called scrolls, within the levels to upgrade your abilities. This means you could be several levels into the game but have very little unlocked in the way of skills and struggling to find a way around a particular situation which in turn would force you to go back and thoroughly search a level to upgrade Aragami further.






Graphically the game looks excellent using the Cell-shaded technic that I am a big fan of it brings an excellent Japanese feel to the game without needing to push the boundaries of what a gaming machine can do, on top this the use of Japanese inspired music gives the whole game a beautiful imperial vibe.
Multiplayer is something that I haven’t had a chance yet to test out, but as I am aware Aragami supports multiplayer across the primary campaign and the DLC, however, I have heard that it feels more natural in the DLC as there are two protagonists within that storyline. Overall the game plays well and will be a hit with anyone that enjoys the stealth genre and thanks to releasing on PC and PS4 last year already has somewhat of a small cult following.



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Aragami Shadow Edition


Final Score



  • A true stealth game
  • Multiplayer could be a blast
  • The game has a great vibe


  • The upgrade system
  • Shadow Leap can be fiddly
  • Voice acting is not all that Rating