A Way Out Review

A Way Out Review

28/03/2018 0 By Matthew Furnival
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Hello readers, I am back again with a review for A Way Out a cooperative only game from Hazelight Studios the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The gameplay for this game is interesting and something I haven’t seen before, it is a game that can only be played couch co-op or online with a friend. Only one person needs to own the game as the other can download the free version and so long as you are invited by someone that owns the game you can play through it 100%. The only downside is that you can’t receive achievements or trophies in the free copy. But no matter whether you play online or on your couch, you can see both perspectives at once on your screen via being split down the middle meaning you can experience both storylines at the same time. I am a few hours into the game and so far the game has been fantastic. Quite frequently you will have one person distract a guard or another inmate while the other accomplish a task, but the thing that stood out the most was the combat in the game it removes the border allowing for a single screen and the camera will free flow through the combat screen moving from one character to another in an almost cinematic experience while both parties have quick time events to do this to me a really interesting feature and make great use of the visuals.
This was a surprising one for me, even though I do not play in 4k I was still taken a back by how visually impressive this game is, it uses lighting effects sparingly but it works very well within the game and despite the game being online connected I have yet to receive any frame rate drops at all.
Music/sound effects
The music within this game is composed by Sam Hulick for those unsure whom he is he composed the music for the Mass Effect Trilogy, which had some fantastic atmospheric songs however so far I have yet to see anything that compared to that level here, but what makes up for it to me was the voice acting it is a well-written storyline that is delivered brilliantly by Eri Krogh and Fares Fares (most recently had a role in Rogue one).
Replay value
I’m not entirely sure what the replay value is for this game, beyond some missable achievements I can not see why you would go back and play it again any time soon given that the game is very story narrative driven after you finish it that would be it to me.
 My thoughts for this game are that it is brilliantly delivered story, that I feel for the price is well worth grabbing however if you don’t’ live with a gamer or talk to a friend beforehand I can see finding a partner to play with being very difficult as it is not a well-known game.

A way Out


Final Score



  • Cheap
  • Something different
  • Excellent story


  • No matchmaking so you need a partner lined up to play with
  • No Replay ability